Extraordinary General Meeting

Please note an extraordinary general meeting is to be held at 11am on Friday 26th November, where the developers of Harwich International Port will be in attendance to answer questions and concerns raised by the membership.

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We are a flourishing sailing club on the River Stour which runs between Essex and Suffolk. We have over 200 members, a club house LBK6, a nice tidy boat yard and plenty of moorings.

H&DSC is a warm and friendly sailing club. All the club work is carried out by members who volunteer to do the jobs, from litter picking and mowing to maintaining the club house itself, and of course running the bar.

We have plenty of social trips from simple evening BBQs and nights away to fleet cruises.

Many of our members have sailed all their lives and have a world of experience that new members can tap into.

The best time to find the experienced sailors is in the bar on a Friday evening where it is easy to get them to talk about their adventures and offer advice!